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Our children are our greatest resource

An Alternative, Non-Drug Solution for ADHD Children

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The Brain Research Institute was created to explore the unlimited possibilities of the human brain and its relationship to consciousness. We, at the BRI, feel that the latent brain potential of our youth is the nation’s greatest resource.

As you may know, one of today’s greatest health challenges for American children is ADHD—Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The United States is currently living in an epidemic of this crippling childhood disorder. Parents and professionals are at their wit’s end searching for a practical, effective, non-drug alternative.

“The problem is that our usage has outstripped our knowledge base. Let’s face it, we’re experimenting on these kids….”

Dr. Glen Elliott Director,
Children’s Center at the
Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute and
Department of Psychiatry, UCSF
Time Magazine, November 3, 2003

Now the University of Missouri at Columbia wants to set up a collaborative research project with our Brain Research Institute. This research will examine the effectiveness of an alternative, drug-free approach to treating ADHD children. The choice of Transcendental Meditation as the intervention is based on the accumulated science-documented benefits in mind/body health, including improvements in inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity; field experience teaching ADHD children; and general ease of application of this meditation technique.

Based on the decades of research, TM will allow the ADHD child’s brain to regain balance and to normalize developmental processes.

We have an unprecedented opportunity through this research project to transform the lives of our nation’s children. Please join us with your support.

Thank you,

Alarik Arenander, PhD