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Growth of Enlightenment

What is Human Potential?
Myths, Maps & Methods
Expressions of
Higher States of Consciousness

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Object-Referral/Self-Referral Continuum
Schematic Representation of Sense-of-Self

The range of descriptions of sense-of-self extends from Object-referral to Self-referral predominant modes. The left column summarizes the phenomenological, first person reports. The right column summarizes the psychological (Consciousness Factor scores) and physiological (brain-based Integration Scale scores) correlates of the extremes of the proposed continuum.

Scale of Self-Development
Loevinger’s scale comprises nine levels of ego or self-development representing successive degrees of complexity and sophistication in the organization of experience or frame of reference for our identity and behavior. Scale combines aspects of impulse control, character development, conscious preoccupations, cognitive complexity, and interpersonal style.