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“How TM helped our family recovery from TBI”

Tom Dean:

“Laura had been in a terrible accident—being thrown from a horse. She had suffered a head injury. I had not a clue what a head injury was at that time. What was this all about? When I got to the hospital, I saw my wife all curled up and comatose. And, I thought, this is terrible! And then the doctors came in and they handed me this big book. They said, ‘Your wife has had a head injury and this is what you can expect.’ I’m sitting there reading this book listing all the likely problems associated with TBI. There will be stress, there will be this and that, etc. The prospects were not pleasing.

“I immediately thought to myself, ‘This is not going to happen! And, the reason this is not going to happen is because I practice the TM technique.’ Laura didn’t practice TM at the time, but I knew that once she started meditating, that these things would go away. TM would help her restructure her damaged brain.

“So, with that in mind, I sat back and just let the therapists come in and they worked with her and so forth. I just kept asking the question, ‘When will she be sitting up?’ Because, I knew the moment she sat up, I was going to get her down to the TM Center and have her start meditating. So, sure enough, about 8 weeks later, she started talking again and walking again and she could comprehend our conversation. I immediately took her down to the TM Center and she started meditating. The minute she walked out of that room after she learned the technique, she knew and I knew we were on our path to truly start to recover.

“Laura is fantastic now. An individual who has a head injury has a great task in front of them. Laura now reads everything and functions very well in all spheres of our family and social life. It’s phenomenal.”

“There is another key part of this experience and that is the role of relatives, the mothers, the fathers, the spouses, and children. Because, the entire family goes through a tremendous amount too. That’s what really pulled me through this experience. I was meditating regularly twice a day the whole time and it made it kind of easy, not so difficult. Because I had this ability to let my brain recover each day after helping care for my wife all day long.”

Laura Dean:

“Everybody hears about my accident and I can see it on their faces, they feel so sorry for me because it such a horrible thing to happen. I’m not sorry! I am better for it. I’m stronger, I’m smarter, I do things better than I ever have done before. It has had a wonderful influence on how I see the world. I now care more about my self, my family and my world. I take notice and care about what we are doing to our beautiful planet that is harmful. The accident and learning TM gave me the chance to re-evaluate my place in life and what I valued, I think for the better.

“During speech therapy, my meditation greatly accelerated my recovery. I was progressing so fast, my therapist became intrigued with my practice of meditation. Because of my remarkable growth, my speech therapist and her entire family learned TM.

“We can all do it! We can all benefit from this simple, marvelous experience. We just have to want it. It’s so easy. It’s so easy.”

Tom and Laura Dean, San Diego.